We’re celebrating another FarmaForce milestone. Our new “Medicus Primary Care” national team will be talking to health-care practitioners about therapeutic products that could benefit thousands of Australians.

The team has just completed a week-long induction, covering our culture of excellence, product & therapeutic area expertise and sales mastery skills. All culminating with a great night out to celebrate our team launch!

At FarmaForce we believe in giving our teams every support they need to do their jobs. This means ongoing training, access to our Organisational Leadership Coach, and the best technology to keep the paperwork under control while on the road.

“We’re always striving for excellence in what we do and are proud of our status as a premier contract sales provider in Australian healthcare,”

Ghay Haidar

Sales Director

FarmaForce is consistently independently rated as above industry-average for salesforce performance. “FarmaForce has doubled its revenue over the past two years and we believe we’re set to achieve even more in the coming months.”