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Award-winning healthcare contract sales organisation Farmaforce, today announced it will provide COVID safety kits and free access to mental health support for its sales force team to ensure the continued wellbeing of its staff.

The safety initiative implemented by Farmaforce General Manager Natalie Urner will see all frontline sales staff provided with kits containing masks, sanitiser, and rapid antigen tests as well as access to Benestar’s MyCoach support network where they can access personal and confidential support from qualified clinicians.

Since her appointment as GM in 2021, Ms Urner has reinforced the company’s commitment to ensuring all staff have the support and resources necessary to manage the daily stress and fatigue of their personal and work life during the pandemic.

“Our frontline sales team work tirelessly to support our pharmaceutical partners in the sector and it’s my job to make sure they are healthy, safe and happy,” Ms Urner said.

“The last two years have taken a toll on society, not just in terms of business or economics, but on people. It’s very easy to lose yourself in work and miss the warning signs that you may need help and support for your mental wellbeing. By partnering with Benestar we’ve been able to give our team free access to professional clinicians who can help them manage any concerns they have in their work and personal life.

“We’ve also provided our sales team with safety packs containing essentials like face masks and rapid antigen tests to ensure they are safe and protected whilst engaging with stakeholders.”  

Farmaforce is a leader in the Australian healthcare sector with the company holding more than 25 pharmaceutical organisational partnerships and being named three-time ‘Sales Team of the Year’ PRIME Awards winners, and ‘Best Health & Pharma Sales Organization 2019’ at the Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards.

About Farmaforce

At Farmaforce, we’re experts in the Australian healthcare market. We build scalable, customised solutions that are on-demand for small to multinational organisations. We focus on rigorous training and dedicated performance coaching to create a force of sales representatives who are best in class. Our leadership team at Farmaforce draws on decades of experience in the healthcare industry. Together they lead, support and motivate the field teams to deliver continued success for our partners.  Visit our website: farmaforce.com.au

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