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Farmaforce appoints a new General Manager to expand its award-winning healthcare operations into New Zealand.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the consumer health sector, founding member of Farmaforce, Natalie Urner, has been appointed its new General Manager.

Committed to continuing to bolster the three-time award-winning sales force organisation’s reach in Australia, Natalie’s next goal is the planned expansion of Farmaforce’s operations across the Tasman, with New Zealand flagged as its first multinational destination.

“This will be a big move for Farmaforce and allows our clients to use our award-winning services both in Australia and abroad,” Natalie said.

“Anyone who knows me understands that business development is my passion. My clear direction is to continue growing our business both within the pharmaceutical industry and expanding in other sectors.

“I have a dedicated team that will continue to build client relationships and discuss our offerings to the market.”

Since its inception, Farmaforce has become a magnate in the healthcare sector and represents more than 25 market-leading pharmaceutical partnerships.

Farmaforce was established in 2016 and filled a void in a market in need of a ‘best in class’ contract sales organisation.

“We currently represent a variety of commercial partners within the pharmaceutical industry, promoting their products within shared teams and dedicated teams,” Natalie said.

“Our representatives are rigorously trained to ensure we deliver over and above on our client’s expectation, and we work to develop a trusted relationship just as you would expect with your own inhouse sales team.”

Natalie has a deep understanding of the Australian pharmaceutical industry, previously working at Valeant Pharmaceuticals as Pharmacy Business Manager, 3M as Pharmacy Channel Manager, and IMS Health (IQVIA).

The new GM attributes the success of the contract sales organisation to decades of knowledge ingrained within their senior leadership team and the fastidious representative training and competitive business operations.

“There is no doubt that the approach we take to training our representatives is what makes Farmaforce stand out,” Natalie said.

“Training never stops, we are constantly imparting new information on our representatives to ensure they each have a wealth of knowledge and the expertise to seamlessly deliver the absolute best outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.

“This is what sets us apart from our competitors and gives us an edge in the market.”

Farmaforce is anticipated to commence its expansion into New Zealand in early 2022.

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